World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage – 27 October 2017

The 27th of October it is the ” World Day for Audiovisual Heritage “.

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We have worked for a large number of broadcasters, national libraries and national archives as well as heritage organizations around the world delivering projects from our delivery centers or on-site at the client site. Contact us to learn more about the projects we have done and how and what we could do for your audio visual archive collections.

National Library of France

Swiss National Television

Imperial War Museum

Indiana University

Why Digitize? Time is running…

Broadcasters, national archives and heritage institutions are facing a problem that may seem insurmountable: What to do will the tens or even hundreds of thousands of video, audio and film media assets kelp and kept alive?

Memnon Archiving Services can help create a manageable digitization plan that works with your institution’s strengths and ensures valuable research material isn’t lost. Old audio and video tapes are physically breaking apart and the machines that could play them are difficult to find and maintain. Let us help guide you through a process that includes planning, inventory, digitization as well as digital access and storage solutions.

Take your history to future generations! 

Avoid loss of Content assets and explore new forms of re-use, re-broadcast and re-monetisation.

  • The archive is a core asset and differentiator in times increasingly similar formats
  • High value of the material to approach the generation from 35 to 85!
  • Growing number of archive based high value documentaries
  • National institutions have a mission and obligation to preserve information of all formats
  • Often, archives are huge and with thousands of hours of content
  • Obsolescence of the machines to play these old formats them
  • Degradation of the tapes and films as they sit on the shelf. Tapes literally fall apart and films shrink, wrap and fade.
  • Time is now: In 2012, the Library of Congress stated that many analogue recordings must be digitized within the next 20 years before it becomes too expensive to do!