We are the trusted partner for some of the most important archives in the world. We belong to the large Sony Group, but have own distinct culture of a small company. Our operations are world wide and our projects often the heart of our client.

We are a group of engineers, project managers, developers, production managers, and business development people and passionate enthusiasts who believe in preserving and utilizing archives for the future.  We are always looking for new talents and people who seek new challenges and explore the new. If you believe in our mission and if you are convinced of your “entrepreneurial” drive contact us regardless of the job roles on offer.

Join a passionate team that aims to go the extra mile and takes on unique challenges in handling the unique audio and visual evidence of many historic moments and memories to remember, research and study, learn, enjoy and sometimes explore a better future.

Open Jobs

Take a look at our recent job postings from around the World and see if Memnon could provide the next step in your career.

If you are graduate as an executive assistant in S&M, in communication, in marketing, project management or business with 2 to 3 years of experience, passionate, interested in supporting as a pivot person an effective sales team generating big deals all around the world, Memnon would like to meet you.

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No jobs found.

No jobs found.