Future-proof your collection with format migration like IMF, JPEG2000, DPX, FFV1 etc,
up-scaling, re-formatting or any high-compute content mass processing.

Our dedicated content processing infrastructure has been developed by our in-house engineering team for maximum throughput of high-volume content processing. We produce hundreds of thousands of hours per year from our digitization operations alone.

From our in-house designed high-bandwidth storage system MES and network infrastructure, to our transcoding and ingest systems MIS, our systems are designed for the heavy lifting and processing of petabytes of data.

Whether you want to migrate and move your entire content catalogue to IMF to be ready for future distributions or need to improve archive efficiency by moving 4K DPX files into lossless compression on FFV1, let us do the heavy lifting on our efficient and effective systems without affecting your operations or continuously investing into hardware and software just to keep track with the continuous evolution of data formats and distribution requirements into OTT/VOD, Netflix, or YouTube.

We support our clients not only in the migration from analogue to digital, but also in future proofing their content and helping with the continuous digital life-cycle into cloud and beyond.

Conforming and
Distribution Ready

Make your content catalogue
and archive ready
for OTT/VOD, YouTube and Cable.

We help many of our media & entertainment clients to make their content ready
for distribution and use for broadcast, conform for OTT / VOD and social media
or clip it for content licensing.

Bring your content in compliance with your platforms and regulations:

  • Clipping and Segmentation
  • Close Caption in compliance with latest regulations
  • Compliance check to Broadcast Standards like FCC
  • Content trim, cut and alignment to VOD/OTT requirements
  • Dynamic Ad readiness / section insertions
  • Metadata Alignment and Adaptations
  • Tagging and Validation or Realignment of Metadata
  • Clipping and Editing
  • Data input and data capture
  • QC via software and human operators
  • Normalization of audio levels for C.A.L.M. compliancy
  • Transcode and Package creations in IMF or other packages

Speak to our team to explore how we can help and how we are delivering
continuously tens of thousands of files to our clients for their distribution and
monetization of their collections, catalogues and archives.


Discovery, Search and Use of your media collection, archive and content catalogue
brought to next level.

Over the last 30 years, we have developed extensive expertise and experience in metadata management and processing. Memnon was leading a consortium of in several EU funded research projects around metadata. Over the last decades, we have developed our expertise over millions of content items processed.

With the growth of AI, Object Storage and digital distribution have become more important than ever before. We manage and process existing metadata, and augment and create new metadata for many of our clients.

Optimize your metadata with us for improved discovery, search, licensing and use of your content.


Data wrangling is a process where we use your existing data sources. This involves, first, an analysis of your different sources from paper, text files or excel to databases. We process, transform and map existing data, and merge and consolidate these multiple data sources into one data form with correct data types, structures and even validation.


We also offer the captures of data and data input in various forms. This can include the scanning of documents and media carriers as well as the information on these items, and captures from the content such as credits and other information.


If you require context and time related logging and metadata, we also offer human operator tagging and alignment or checks of existing time-based metadata.


Speech to Text technology is evolving with a significant pace with increasing use from mobile phones to smart speakers.

We offer automatic transcripts with AI base Speech To Text in 30+ languages and are also able to provide different level of reviews of the machine outputs with human operators.


From face detection and identity recognition to analysis of visual concepts, we can process content through the DARS Analytics Platform which is also powering our Content Licensing Marketplace DARS and offer AI based analysis and search for your collection.

Let’s talk about what Memnon can do for
your content project or archive.

We speak English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.