Our proven approach and system from migrating millions of media tapes refined
for data migration and data tapes from legacy data tapes, LTO, optical to magnetic disks. 

We have migrated thousands of LTOs and legacy data tapes, optical data discs and DCP drives and petabytes of data into cloud or next generation storage systems which were on data formats and file systems no longer accessible to our clients. Our high-performance infrastructure and in-house developed high-bandwidth – high-capacity storage systems with our proven migration workflow management platform allow us to do the heavy data and high processing lifting without impact on your production and operation environment.

Data Extraction & Virtual Tape Images

In essence, there are two ways of migrating you data. We migrate your data as virtual disk/tape images into the cloud, or we extract the data and process them as individual files into a new environment. Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages. If you rely heavily on legacy systems and environments you may prefer the first, while if you want to migrate away from any legacy environments and ensure the files are accessible in the future even without the legacy system environments then you may prefer to extract and “free” your data from the legacy file system and access layers.


  • Free your data: We extract the data in itself. You will no longer depend on the legacy file system and environment. This future proofs your data access. However, if you have other dependencies at the drive/tape level like storage management and middleware layers etc then you may have to migrate other parts of your system and thus prefer virtual data images.
  • Data Processing and Transcoding/Conversion: This way, you can also do more to avoid the simple garbage in-garbage out risk as you get into the file data level access in the migration process. We can transcode or convert to alternative file formats in the process.
  • File Level Validations &  Digital Preservation Packages: We process your entire structure according to the digital preservation standard frameworks as defined by U.S. Library of Congress for digital preservation. We can also validate and QC the data, as example DPX sequences. 


  • Full 1:1 data-images: It is simple to transfer and most appropriate if you require the file system structure on block level, file structure and format preservation. However, this means you will need the same system environment to access the data on the virtualized tape or data drive.
  • Economics: It is more cost-efficient to just migrate data tapes 1:1 without the processing required for extraction of the data.

LTO & Data Migration

Virtualization of your archive
into the coud.

The cloud is everywhere. Virtualization into the cloud and accessibility in
environments has become more important than ever before.

With cloud archive storage now going from $1 per TB/month or
$1,000 per PB/month,
the economics have also significantly improved.

Whether full migration or the peace of mind that comes with a reliable
backup, our team can optimize cloud storage and access
that works for you
and your content. Leverage the benefits of object
storage and object metadata
and free yourself from on-going data
format migrations.

Speak to our team to explore how we can help and how we are
continuously tens of thousands of files to our clients
for their distribution and
monetization of their collections,
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