Film Estimator

Estimating film volume has been a challenge in many projects and for quotations (as often there is no manufactured duration as for tapes) and films are usually stitched and spliced. Moverover, many of the archival films we process are not on full reels, but just on cores or as in News Reels often also without even cores. Especially archival film is often with little or unreliable information about film length or duration. Our FILM ESTIMATOR helps in the estimation process.

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Please note, these are estimation. Actual data may vary by film condition, exact film type and film manufacturers.

Film Reel Sizes

The size of the reel is an indicator of the maximum film length capacity a reel can hold.
However, archival films are often not in reels (just on cores or often just tightly wound) or not taking up a full reels.
Try our FILM LENGTH ESTIMATOR to estimate based on the film diameter.

Reel Size Diameter

Film Length Capacity

Popular Film Gauges

  • 3 in
  • 4 in
  • 7 in
  • 9.75 in
  • 10.5 in
  • 12.5 in
  • 16 in
  • 50 ft reel
  • 100 ft reel
  • 400 ft reel
  • 830 ft reel
  • 800 ft reel
  • 1200 ft reel
  • 2000 ft reel
  • 8mm, Super 8 mm, 16mm, 35mm
  • 8mm, Super 8 mm, 16mm, 35mm
  • 8mm, Super 8 mm, 16mm, 35mm
  • 8mm, Super 8 mm
  • 16mm, 35mm
  • 16mm, 35mm
  • 16mm, 35mm

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