Our Expertise

Safeguarding our history's future

Our Expertise

The sound and video archive preservation process can be daunting. Our breadth and depth of experience means that we can advise and guide you through every stage of the digitization and long-term preservation of an audio-visual collection. We support from initial item-level inventory and cataloging of audio-visual collections for the best digitization strategy, over management of logistics and shipment to the actual digitization, and delivery and integration of the digital files and metadata information. As participants and active members in Industry associations, we have deep knowledge of Archive Industry standards and ensure compliance with highest professional practices, standards and guidelines.

Our key strengths

A team dedicated to audio-visual digitization

The entire Memnon team shares a common value – passion for our business and a desire to preserve and make our audio-visual heritage accessible. Memnon’s business is fully dedicated to Audio Visual Digitization and Archive Management.


Thanks to its long history in the industry and over 2 million hours of materials digitized in a wide range of client projects around the world, Memnon holds an unrivalled expertise and competence in large scale digitization.


Whether your project budget is 10.000 EUR or 10 million EUR, we have done them all. Our proprietary workflow and industrial process engineering makes it possible to manage, control and process large numbers of content at consistent high quality.


Strong project management starts with a thorough understanding of client expectations. Memnon has proven experience in handling multiple large scale digitization projects to suit different customer situations and requirements.


Our in-house developed unique workflow platform for large scale digitization is based on in-depth expertise from over 2 million hours of dizitization and hundreds of client projects. Memnon R&D S.A. continuously extends and improves the workflow and develops dedicated tools for the most efficient and highest quality digitization process.


Memnon has pioneered large-scale industrial digitization. Our services are characterized by highest quality levels archived through industrial process control and quality assurance methodologies.

A Sony Company

As a 100% Sony company, Memnon is able to access unrivalled audio and video engineering resources and technologies for highest quality delivery of our services. Furthermore, the global reach of Sony allows Memnon access experts and support for very large project world wide.

Global Pool of Equipment and Spare Parts

Memnon maintains a global pool of equipment and spare-parts to support projects around the world. With Sony’s support, Memnon is able to ensure outstanding maintenance of its equipment with access to special equipment and parts.


We have a dedicated team of highly trained and experienced AV engineers accross our service delivery centers for the inhouse repair and maintenance of our equipment. Moreover, Memnon has deep in-house skills with links to the Sony Recording Media team for the right treatment of degrading media tapes.

Expert Advice

Our breadth and depth of experience means that we can advise and guide you through every stage of the digitization and long-term preservation of an audiovisual collection.
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External funding

Memnon’s team of funding experts are able to assist in identifying external funding sources and prepare the funding proposal for archiving.
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Rights Management

There may be many reasons why an organisation might embark on a digitization project; these reasons can all be broadly grouped into three key drivers – preservation, access and valorization. Memnon is able to assist and advise on commercialisation of digital or non-digital rights.
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Software and Solutions

IPI©-Manager is a highly effective solution designed to more efficiently meet the needs of archivists helping them in their work of identifying and documenting digitized content and focusing on their true added value: content analysis and processing.
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Digital Storage

We offer secure long-term storage and indexing of audiovisual archives, making digitised archives available either for public access or for access by a specific target audience.
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