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Information and links about digitization, preservation, digital archive management from industry bodies in Media and Entertainment and Cultural Preservation organisations. Please note that this is a collection of links to external websites. Linked websites are not under our control and we are not responsible or liable for the contents of any linked site or any link contained in the linked site. We do not endorse or guarantee and are not responsible or liable for the failure of the information, or recommendations provided by linked sites.

The IASA has outlined a set of basic guidelines and principles for consideration for safeguarding of Audiovisual Heritage.
A peer-reviewed case study paper by the Indiana University MDPI team published in the International Journal of Digital Curation about the MDPI project.
An article in the IASA Journal from Mike Casey about the background to the problems with media preservation and the ticking time bomb.
The UNESCO recognised the significant importance and challanges of Audio Visual Archives. The 27th October as been made the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage. This documents produces basic information needed to understand the requirements of digitization.
The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) has published a comprehensive report and explanation about the challenges of long term handling of magnetic tapes. The research is conducted by Commission on Preservation and Access and the National Media Laboratory.
The SMTPE RP 103-1995 contains the best practices recommendations and guidelines for the Care, Storage, Operation, Handling and Shipping of Magnetic Recording Tape for Television for different use cases and environments.
The US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has published a list of FAQ and recommendations on audio and video formats for US federal agency records.
Switzerland’s national network for the preservation of the country’s audiovisual cultural Heritage has published a summary set of principles and guidance for Digital Archiving of Film and Video.
A presentation by the INA about the considerations and processes to sort and discard deteriorating carriers after digitization.
Guidance and practice as VIAA and the questions to ask for the best way what to do with the tapes and media carriers after digitization.

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This is a paper by Sony on archive digitization and the challenges ahead.
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More information from Industry Associations

We support key industry associations in their activities to support the community of media archives. Further information
are available from these industry associations.



IABM is the international association for Broadcast and Media technology suppliers facilitates the networking and interaction that shape and define the unique ecosystem of the broadcast and media technology industry. It is behind one of the largest industry shows, the annual IBC.




The International Federation of Television Archives has over 250 members to promote co-operation amongst radio and television archives, and audiovisual archives and libraries. It is a forum for exchange of knowledge and experience between its members.




Founded in 1969, the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA) is a professional association concerned with the care, access and long-term preservation of the world’s sound and moving image heritage.




FOCAL International (The Federation of Commercial Audiovisual Libraries International) is a professional body of commercial archives, and the footage and content industry.



FIAF is the International Federation of Film Archives and brings together the world’s leading institutions in the field of film and motion picture heritage. The origins of FIAF go back to 1936 with the aim to rescue, collect, and preserve moving images.

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