The National Library of France has recognized the importance of preserving its collection of audiovisual materials. The Library knows that media collections are at risk of being lost from two primary factors- degradation and obsolescence. Old audio and video tapes are physically breaking apart and the machines that could play them are difficult to find and maintain.

Over the last twelve years, Memnon has collaborated with the National Library of France to ensure its collection is protected through digitization of their vast collection. The most recent project initiated in 2016 is to convert analog VHS and S-VHS tapes to the latest, high-quality digital formats.

Memnon is pleased to have won this project and is taking the utmost care to safely transport, store and handle the materials. The first batch of tapes have been successfully preserved despite multiple technical challenges stemming from the diversity of the collection. This includes dealing with condition issues that necessitate cleaning and baking as well as accommodating a range of tape brands, age, time-codes and source productions that were done in amateur to commercial settings.

Memnon will deliver a full package of files for each unique video. New video files will be in H264 format and include quality control reports and metadata (technical and descriptive). The initial project period is one year but can be extended up to three times as needed.

Memnon is excited to continue to support the National Library of France’s pursuit of preserving unique cultural heritage represented in their collection of audiovisual materials. Memnon’s experience with large-scale digitization is unrivaled and as a Sony Group company, all our projects benefit from Sony’s decades of industry-leading technology and resources.