Memnon is pleased to announce that it has won a tender for the digitization of the archives of Canal9, a TV station based in Sierre, in the canton of Valais and also the oldest regional TV station in Switzerland.
Canal9 has been producing and broadcasting programmes since 1984 and since 2005, in digital format only. In 2015, Canal9 deposited its audio-visual archives in analogue format (1984-2005) at the Médiathèque Valais, and shortly after, it received the support of both the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) and Memoriav to preserve and enhance the collection as part of a pilot project aimed at safeguarding the audio-visual heritage produced and broadcast by local and regional TV stations in Switzerland.

The aim is to carry out the digitization of 3,500 Betacam SP and U-Matic videocassettes (about 4500 hours of video content).
This unique project requires the right technical skills to deal with these specific types of media, some of which are old and fragile, and the proven organizational capabilities to meet the requirements and the expectations of an institution such as Canal9.
The contract is initially for 8 months but Memnon expects to complete it in just 3 months. In addition to the preparation of the carriers before digitization, including cleaning, baking and repair, Memnon will generate a preservation file and an access for each programme.
Memnon thanks Canal9 for the opportunity to help preserve and enhance its audio-visual heritage and will respond by combining a high-quality digitization process with the organization and management principles that we have developed and proven in many successful projects around the world.
The announcement by Canal9 (a video in French) is available at the following address: