Our core mission is to preserve history, stories, and memories, and to help our clients virtualize their vast physical archive holdings for the long term.

In the preservation process, we all consume an incredible amount of energy to store tapes in climate controlled conditions with requirements similar to data center environments, using energy intensive high compute processing and historic equipment which were designed before anyone considered any impact on environment and had any concerns on power consumption.

Digitization makes a big eco-contribution when reducing the footprint of the high-energy consuming, climate controlled environments for physical carriers to a tiny fraction in digital form in just some racks of servers and storage.

We have created an ECO-SIMULATOR to allow you to simulate how much energy consumption and CO2 emissions footprint you can reduce by digitizing your archive!
Click here to explore the potential to contribute more to sustainability of memories and planet.

We have now taken a step to reduce our ecological footprint during the digitization process further.
We have installed solar power generation on our root top to power our digitisation process with solar energy.

Let us preserve this planet so that the memories and stories we all have preserved can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Our new installation on our rooftop: