Digitize your content in 3 simple steps.
Just order your BOX online.

Choose your

First, select the type and quantity of the tapes, films or media you would like to digitize. We will send you all you need, including the right numbers of boxes, instructions and barcodes. Once you have barcoded your media, you will simply pack those in the MemnonBOX. All instructions are in the welcome kit.

We will send the boxes and
collect them when you are ready

Your MemnonBOX is either collected or you can drop it off at your nearest courier partner shop, whichever way you prefer. Postage and shipping cost are pre-paid. As soon as the MemnonBOX arrives, we will process your order and start digitizing. You will be kept informed throughout the process.

We will digitize & send
your new digital masters

We will send back all your original media formats, and you will receive your new digitized files in the formats you selected. If you chose the physical media delivery via HDD or LTO, or into a Google Cloud Bucket, these will be sent to you with the return shipment of your originals.

Framework Agreements:
Special Rates for Teams & Organizations


We also offer framework agreements for your team or organization.
Members of your organization automatically benefit from the agreed rates and
can place their digitization orders whenever they need.

We can pre-define conventions, formats, metadata and cloud buckets
or direct uploads to ensure all deliveries are consistent to your specifications.

Speak to our team now about your requirements.

Let’s talk about what Memnon can do for
your content project or archive.

We speak English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.