Our Services



Audio Digitization

Memnon has a complete range of equipment for reading a wide range of sound formats. We make it our business to constantly acquire equipment of all kinds and have extensive experience of working with delicate and complex formats and innovative new techniques.

Video Digitization

Memnon is committed to providing high quality cleaning and processing to enhance media quality while ensuring authenticity of the original content, fast transfer through latest automated preservation processes and excellent cost efficiency.

Film Digitization

Film digitization is a sensitive and delicate task requiring a great deal of knowledge and know how. Our highly qualified team handles your material with care and puts all its skills to restore, clean, repack, synchronize sound, catalog and digitize your collections.

Restoration and treatment

Memnon ensures authenticity of the original content through latest, cost efficient and excellent preservation processes by high quality cleaning and treatment, a large panel of media quality enhancements and restoration of the recordings.

QC & Delivery

Thanks to its 25-year history in the sector, the company delivers the highest quality in industrial processes and quality control methodologies trough industry and Memnon proprietary tools.


We help to create, manage and consolidate from different source of metadata in the digitization and we can enrich your context based information with various automated processes.

Project Management

To meet expectations precisely, we draw up detailed specifications with the clients representatives prior to the initiation of the project. Safeguarding of the collections fidelity and integrity is a must in any of our logistic and production processes. Specific procedures are in place to ensure a controlled and secured environment and all our employees are well aware of the cultural and historical value of materials and of the sensitivity to content’s nature.

Workflow and Tools

Based on the unique expertise in handling large scale digitization and physical carrier handling, Memnon’s in-house R&D unit has develop proprietary workflow management platform and unique toolsets to advance, monitor and manage the entire workflow and carrier handling through the entire process.

Cataloguing and Collections Planning

Memnon offers clients support and services for Cataloguing and Collections Planning process. This is often the very first setup to assess what exists in the archives, and to prepare and sort the collections for an accurate quote and shipment planning.

Through combining the Latest Automated Preservation methods, industrial process engineering and quality control methodologies, we can effectively and efficently preserve large volume of materials to safeguard precious audio-visual materials for future generations.


In four delivery centers around the world, we propose an easy and paramount solution for all your archiving needs, ensuring high efficiency and fast project completion. Our established processes include:

  • Direct, Safe and Dedicated Transport
  • Storage according Heritage industry standards
  • State-of-the-art facilities, a robust and proven processing tools and range of equipment in all formats.
  • Skilled, experienced and dedicated staff.


Memnon IN-A-BOX is our Onsite Managed Service to provide digitization service in your facilities.

  • Full Managed Service, from the start to the completion of the project.
  • Memnon manages and operates the project in your facilities, with optional deployment of your staff and your equipment if requested.
  • Leverage Memnon’s workflows, tools, operational procedures, equipment, staff and expertise, with no further investment for you.
  • Full Project Management: Planning, Setup, Ramp up, Delivery, Completion, Removal.

Hybrid Services

Depending on your specific requirements, Memnon can implement a mixed approach where part of the digitization process is done in-house while other parts are outsourced. The mixed approach will help you:

  • Accelerate the digitization process
  • Increase the production capabilities and facilities
  • Share experience and knowledge
  • Reduce the price of the digitization project.