Memnon ANYWHERE: Our On-Site Solutions

We provide our On-Site Services to many customers around the world from Europe to 
the Middle East and South Africa at the very heart of prestigious national institutions and broadcasters.

  • For projects from 10,000 items/tapes/hours
  • Modular flight-case based systems for faster in-and-out
  • Delivery directly into your system
  • Relatively small space requirement and footprint.
  • For projects above 50,000 tapes/hours per year
  • Full installation of platform and systems
  • Support of any format range
  • Full treatment processes including cleaning and baking
  • Full custom adaption
  • For over 100,000 tapes/hours per year
  • Full custom adaption
  • Any format requirements
  • Full robotic solutions

Service Models:
Managed Service or Lease Models

  • No CAPEX needed, don’t load your balance sheet for an one-off project.
    Your CFO will tell you to go asset-light. Just pay for what you digitize.
  • No worry about buying equipment, parts and maintenance. We
    manage everything end-to-end, whether VTRs, heads, parts,
    scanners, pinch rollers or cleaning chemicals.
  • No need to design or source solutions or software contracts.
    All designed and provided by us from workflow, ingest

    to storage and network solutions.
  • Your Staff or Ours. Fully flexible. We can use your or our operating
    staff. We will train and onboard them.
  • ISO9001 certified systems and methodologies. Leverage our
    know how and project and operations management. No need to
    painfully learn by yourself or even get audited and certified.

Turn-Key Service: From Start to Finish

Large digitization projects are usually completely underestimated. It is not just about buying an ingest program and connecting some VTRs. It is more about building and managing a factory.

Let us do the heavy lifting and free you to focus on extracting value from your archive and think about what to do after the digitization. Increase the use and value of your archive through improved metadata and discoverability. Leverage your archive content and provide new value to your stakeholders and clients.

Considerations for On-Site Service or Memnon Facility


  • Space and Facility: Do you have the right space and facility? Is that accessible for installation and setup? Is there enough space for staging the equipment and site work?
  • Power & HVAC: Do you have enough power and HVAC? That is usually a big challenge.
  • Economics & Volume: You need the right minimum volume to do it economically on-site.
  • Staffing: Have you considered staffing, background checks etc.
  • Supply of Media: Are you able to constantly manage the supply to the operation?


  • Flexibility & Capacity: Doing it at our facilities provides better flexibility and capacity from format variations to volume variations to expertise.
  • Full range of Expertise and Services: We digitize day in – day out at our facilities. We can offer a fuller range of services and highest skill level of our operators.
  • Economics: The economics are generally better from our facilities as costs are spread over a much bigger volume basis and as we do not need to install new facilities.
  • Logistics: Are you able to send tapes out of your facility? We help with media and tape logistics from providing you with packing materials and managing the shipments to help you with on-site packing as well as making sure everything is insured.

Let’s talk about what Memnon can do for
your content project or archive.

We speak English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.