Generally, archives have more than just one bottom line and serve multiple purposes. Our clients largely contribute with their archives commercial purposes for profit, but also public interest and/or organisational purposes to preserve history or knowledge. Usually, memories and moments in history are priceless and were the reason for establishing archives in the first place.

However, archives and their stories need to be kept alive. Virtualisation and digitisation support the hard business cases as well as the soft factors and responsibilities to public or organisational stakeholders.

The ROA calculator help to stimulate the though process and business case building for the “hard” factors. This is a simplified simulation and varies on multiple factors starting from the media holding and media types over locations and purpose/mission of your archive. Contact our team to explore your case and how we can help:

Please note, estimation and simplified simulations. Contact our team to explore your case and how we can help.

Considerations when planning Business Cases 

The ROA simulator is based on simplified assumptions and intended to provoke and assist through processes
to support business case considerations. We are happy to advise and help in your consideration process.

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  • Facility and Warehousing Cost Reduction: Recommendations from manufacturers as well as industry bodies like SMTPE is to maintain low temperature (+17°C) and stable humidity (30% RH) for long term preservation. Film often even lower temperatures, some put in freezers. The facility requirements often more comparable to datacenters and costs associated for long term preservation are tremendous. 
  • Production Cost Reduction: The production cost per minute usually goes into the tens of thousands of dollars, pounds and euros. This usually includes a mixed resource calculation including location, editing, directing etc. However, if you just take the shooting cost you still are usually in the thousands. Archival content are usually both, curated and edited in the past or new takes on stories with previously unconsidered raw footage. Many our content producing customers aim to increase the proportion by reflections in their stories or going-back-in-history elements.


  • OTT/YouTube & Social Media: We see our customers using the content more and more for OTT and Social Media. It forms a cost effective way to supply your new channels. Mass conforming of content to latest FCC Standards, new Close Caption and other conforming becomes important. Our team helps many media and entertainment clients to realise this fast and cost effective.
  • Footage Licencing: The footage industry continues to grow as demand for content grows. Leverage your unique archival content and offer it for new content production. Our DARS platform offers a new market place to offer royalty free and rights managed footage.
  • Linear Channels: Traditional linear channels and legacy programs remain a major use case. Many legacy channels with “Encores” or “Gold” content are attracting audiences. The continuous success of game shows or dramas and sitcoms like Friends are timeless.    

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