Bundesarchiv’s collection of early video tapes will be digitized by Memnon making them accessible for future uses. The 5,420 tapes date from the 1970’s to 1990’s and are on a now obsolete reel to reel video format called 1-inch B. The collection is an array of tape brands composed of different materials requiring expert knowledge for proper preservation.

After a careful examination of the tapes, It was found many need careful cleaning and repair before they can be digitized. Some tapes will even need to be “baked” using a controlled heating process that re-bonds tapes that are falling apart. Without these precautions, much of the existing content on the tapes could be lost.

Once ready for digitization, Memnon’s integrated quality control processes will ensure each tape is represented in the highest quality possible.

Memnon is committed to support the values of Bundesarchiv and is grateful for the opportunity to help preserve and enrich Germany’s audiovisual heritage.

To date, Memnon has been involved in digitizing over 2.5 million hours of audiovisual archives for more than 100 institutions in Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East.