Memnon selected as services provider for digitising national broadcaster’s legacy audio archives

Memnon, the global content preservation and migration services provider, has announced a three-year contract with the BBC Archive Technology & Services group for the migration of 115,000 legacy Quarter Inch (QI) and DAT audio tapes to a file-based format.

Memnon is well-versed in the complexities of migrating at-risk content from legacy media to file- based formats and was selected via a tender process. The company’s in-house media operators possess the knowledge required to operate, maintain and repair legacy tape-format machines, and are skilled at designing complex cloud-based content workflows and modern media management.

Memnon has developed a solution to digitise audio assets that integrate with the broadcaster’s existing workflows. Designed to provide clear visibility on the project status and detailed asset data, the system facilitates maximum efficiency for both organisations. Memnon will drive high levels of tape ingest and, by using advanced Quality Control and Automated Quality control techniques, will maintain the greatest technical quality possible.

Heidi Shakespeare, CEO of Memnon, said: “The unique structure of our team of media specialists means we’re able to blend the niche skills required to work with legacy formats with the expertise to integrate obsolete machinery into cutting-edge technology workflows.”