On-site and outsourced Digitization Projects Safeguarding our history’s future in bespoke projects


Business Case and Background

Old media, whether audio and video tapes, photos or film are physically breaking apart and the machines that play them are difficult to find and maintain. Now is the time to digitize before costs increase and your assets become irretrievable.

Memnon digitizes your content so you can preserve, educate, share and monetize. We help to make the most out of your archive. From digitization to the management of vast data volumes and also into AI based analytics and data mining to drive discoverability and use of your valuable assets which you probably have kept for decades.

Learn more about media at risk and reasons to digitize.


Expertise and Clients

Whether 100 or 100,000 tapes, Memnon can help. We’ve digitized over 3 million hours of content for clients in over 20 countries in media and entertainment, national archives and heritage institutions, research and universities. From our four global delivery sites and many on-site projects, Memnon has the expertise and equipment to complete your project on schedule and budget. Our in-house R&D team is continuously developing proprietary and innovative workflow and technologies optimized to our production and projects.

A Sony Company since 2015, Memnon has access to large quantities of equipment and parts, technical knowledge and global project support only available to Sony Group companies. Discover more about us and our work.

Consulting and Advisory

Don’t know where to even begin a project? Let us help. Memnon specializes in coming up with manageable and affordable digitization plans. We’ll identify fast-track assets and come up with a strategy to get them seen. Our consultation and planning services can help develop the business case, outline best practices, conduct an inventory or do a “Proof of Concept” project.

Our Services

We offer a complete range of services to digitize, restore, preserve, analyze, index and give access to audio-visual and cultural archives. Leverage our experience and workflows to create smooth and simple process to increase the use value of your archive and assets.

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