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Memnon Continues its long time collaboration with the National Library of France to Preserve Extensive Audiovisual Collections

The National Library of France has recognized the importance of preserving its collection of audiovisual materials. The Library knows that media collections are at risk of being lost from two primary factors- degradation and obsolescence. Old audio and video tapes are physically breaking apart and the machines that could play them are difficult to find and maintain.

Over the last twelve years, Memnon has collaborated with the National Library of France to ensure its collection is protected through digitization of their vast collection. The most recent project initiated in 2016 is to convert analog VHS and S-VHS tapes to the latest, high-quality digital formats.

Memnon is pleased to have won this project and is taking the utmost care to safely transport, store and handle the materials. The first batch of tapes have been successfully preserved despite multiple technical challenges stemming from the diversity of the collection. This includes dealing with condition issues that necessitate cleaning and baking as well as accommodating a range of tape brands, age, time-codes and source productions that were done in amateur to commercial settings.

Memnon will deliver a full package of files for each unique video. New video files will be in H264 format and include quality control reports and metadata (technical and descriptive). The initial project period is one year but can be extended up to three times as needed.

Memnon is excited to continue to support the National Library of France’s pursuit of preserving unique cultural heritage represented in their collection of audiovisual materials. Memnon’s experience with large-scale digitization is unrivaled and as a Sony Group company, all our projects benefit from Sony’s decades of industry-leading technology and resources.

Memnon digitizes the audio-visual archives of Canal9 in Switzerland

LogoMemnon is pleased to announce that it has won a tender for the digitization of the archives of Canal9, a TV station based in Sierre, in the canton of Valais and also the oldest regional TV station in Switzerland.
Canal9 has been producing and broadcasting programmes since 1984 and since 2005, in digital format only. In 2015, Canal9 deposited its audio-visual archives in analogue format (1984-2005) at the Médiathèque Valais, and shortly after, it received the support of both the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) and Memoriav to preserve and enhance the collection as part of a pilot project aimed at safeguarding the audio-visual heritage produced and broadcast by local and regional TV stations in Switzerland.
The aim is to carry out the digitization of 3,500 Betacam SP and U-Matic videocassettes (about 4500 hours of video content).
This unique project requires the right technical skills to deal with these specific types of media, some of which are old and fragile, and the proven organizational capabilities to meet the requirements and the expectations of an institution such as Canal9.
The contract is initially for 8 months but Memnon expects to complete it in just 3 months. In addition to the preparation of the carriers before digitization, including cleaning, baking and repair, Memnon will generate a preservation file and an access for each programme.
Memnon thanks Canal9 for the opportunity to help preserve and enhance its audio-visual heritage and will respond by combining a high-quality digitization process with the organization and management principles that we have developed and proven in many successful projects around the world.
The announcement by Canal9 (a video in French) is available at the following address:

Memnon attends the FIAT/IFTA World Conference 2016 in Warsaw

save-your-archiveMemnon is attending the FIAT/IFTA World Conference 2016 in Warsaw from October 12 to October 15.
Michel Merten and Baku Morikuni, Co-CEOs, will share their views on managing efficiently on-site 1:1 and mass parallel transfer media digitization.
We are looking forward meeting you during the conference!

Memnon to attend the IASA 2016 Annual Conference

IASA 2016Memnon will attend the IASA 2016 Annual Conference at the Library of Congress, Washington D.C., from 25-29 September 2016.

Mike Casey, Director of Media Preservation Services (Indiana University) and Andrew Dapuzzo, Director US operations (Memnon Archiving Services Inc.) will be presenting a paper entitled “How to manage media digitization workflows” on Wednesday September 28th at 9:30 am.

Our senior representatives are looking forward to meeting you there!

Meet us at IBC2016 in Amsterdam, September 9-13, 2016

This year again, our Team is looking forward to meeting you during IBC2016, Europe’s premier event for the broadcasting industry.

We will share with you the innovative new developments at Memnon following its acquisition by Sony last year and present you some of the exciting new projects we are working on :

  • Memnon opened its new and completely renovated headquarters in Brussels (1800-m²), taking the operations for digitizing and enriching audiovisual archive to a new level, with new digitalization processes of films being implemented, and the company’s R&D hub expanding the offering to new services.
  • Memnon Inc. (USA) has recently celebrated the successful digitization and delivery of 100,000 items at Indiana University (Bloomington IN) since the start of the main production nine months ago, several months ahead of planning. Memnon Inc now offers digitization and archiving services to other institutions (broadcasters, universities, sport organization, films archives, private companies, …) with large Audio, Video and Film collections that can benefit from the solution developed by this unique partnership.
  • After having successfully digitized more than 2 million hours of audio, video and film collections, Memnon is strengthening its position as a world leader in large-scale audio-visual and films archive digitalisation by broadening its services in new markets such as Latin America, Africa and Asia.

We will be pleased to discuss with you the digital disruption and the current challenges in the media sector and you will find out how our solutions can help you managing your assets and maximize the value of their content, across their entire lifecycle, from creation, maintenance, migration to monetization.

Please join us at the Sony stand (13.A10) in Hall 13.

To schedule a meeting with our senior representatives and our specialists, please contact

Junior System Administrator Assistant

Memnon Archiving Services SA is a SONY Company based in Brussels.  Memnon is active in digital business and industry, providing to clients all over the world, audiovisual digitization solutions and services for archiving, distribution, release of audio, video and films contents and metadata enrichment.

Memnon offers a permanent and full-time junior system administrator employee contract.


As a junior system administrator assistant he will assist the Director of Infrastructure in hardware setups and maintenances, software operating systems installations and networking installations and settings.


As part of his mission, the junior sysadmin assistant will be responsible for:

  1. Hardware devices preparation, test and physical installation in their final location
  2. Office Software & Operating Systems installation, updating and setup according to procedures and standards
  3. Network installation
  4. Racks installation
  5. Cabling
  6. Delivering hardware and software installations as above to the different teams:
  • IT R&D
  • Production
  • Administration
  1. Executing general maintenance operations, (disk, memory and other hardware components replacement, misc.)
  2. Documenting all interventions and component changes and updating inventory when doing the above tasks
  3. Assisting in supporting all hardware and OS issue
  4. First line helpdesk for any IT hardware, OS or mainstream office program issues. (Microsoft Office, etc.)
  5. Informing immediately the Responsible of Infrastructure of any non-standard issues, documenting solutions to others.
  6. Suggesting improvement solutions and helping in establishing standards.
  7. Assisting in general setup documentation
  8. In charge of the periodic infrastructure watch (physical condition checks in production and ict rooms, monitoring of PRTG status reporting and ups/power/airco and other « ict live support » operations.
  9. Backups operation
  10. Software & OS Maintenance
  11. Management of the IT equipment stock (inventory, warehouse organisation and operation, delivery of supplies, small parts & accessories to internal requestors)
  12. Assisting in supporting general premise infrastructure (infrastructure electrical appliances, power circuits, recurring infrastructure supplier’s follow-up, etc)

Hierarchical & Operational Relationships:

  1. He will be part of the Infrastructure team and will report directly to the Infrastructure  responsible for daily matters and tasks
  2. The Sysadmin will depend of the hierarchical authority of the Director of Infrastructure
  3. He will stay in touch with the Customer Delivery Manager and the Office manager regarding issues solving


  1. Structured, methodical and organized
  2. Experience with hardware stations, servers, switches and networks
  3. Basic knowledge of network technologies: spanning-tree, 802.3ad, vlan, qos, rip, ospf, …
  4. Basic knowledge of Microsoft technologies: AD, RODC, IIS, SQL-Server, …
  5. Hardware watch and inventory solutions skills
  6. Strong focus on business outcomes
  7. Comfort with collaboration, open communication and reaching across functional borders
  8. Strong Skills in Microsoft Office Software, including Excel, Word, Outlook, and Visio (documentation)
  9. Willing to accept occasional off schedule tasks.

Experiences, skills and studies:

  1. Bachelor in IT (or similar competence level learned and acquired by experience)
  2. shortly experienced in a similar position
  3. Strong French and English language skills
  4. Driving license

Contract, Salary and Conditions proposed:

  1. Full time employee contract with MEMNON ARCHIVING SERVICES SA (affiliate SONY)
  2. Monthly brut salary : 2.200 €
  3. Advantages & reimbursements: meal vouchers


Indiana University digitization initiative preserves more than 100,000 items in first year with Sony’s Memnon Service


June 30, 2016

BLOOMINGTON, Ind.—Just one year into its massive digitization initiative, Indiana University has already rescued from ruin more than 100,000 precious audio and video recordings, thanks to a successful collaboration with Memnon Inc., a Sony company.

Today, IU announced that it has extended the use of the facilities, created for its Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative (MDPI) project with Memnon, to enable Memnon to accept digitization work from new clients including other universities, museums and commercial broadcasters. This move strengthens Bloomington’s position as a hub for high-volume media digitization and preservation work.

“Our true partnership with Memnon has been incredibly fruitful for IU’s ambitious goals,” said Laurie Antolovic’, MDPI executive director, and Indiana University associate vice president and deputy chief information officer. “The massive bicentennial MDPI project is now well ahead of its expected pace, and we are delighted with this progress and the quality of the services that Memnon has provided.

“We are thrilled that we have been able to extend our relationship with Memnon, which will see many more of our treasured recordings preserved; we are also excited that Memnon will be able to provide similar services to other institutions from the Bloomington facilities,” she said. “We are making Bloomington the premier digitization hub in the United States, creating high-expertise, professional jobs in Indiana.”

Michel Merten, Memnon co-chief executive officer and founder, had high praise for his IU partners. “The IU team has developed an extraordinary level of expertise in how best to document, sort and prepare large-scale collections of very diverse content, formats and conditions,” he said. “As a result, we were able to optimize our digitization efficiency and hit this milestone faster than expected.

“After having successfully digitized more than 2 million hours of audio, video and film collections worldwide, we are pleased to be able to offer our services to other North American groups,” Merten said.

IU has long known it had to do something to save its deteriorating media collections. The Bloomington campus alone is home to at least 3 million sound and moving image recordings, photos, documents, and artifacts. Many are degrading, most are on obsolete formats and a large percentage of them are highly valued for research.

In 2013, IU President Michael A. McRobbie announced the creation of the Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative, which is charged with digitally preserving and providing access to all significant audio and video recordings on all IU campuses by the IU Bicentennial in 2020.

Soon after, MDPI partnered with Memnon to help with the gargantuan task, which totals 280,000 audio and video recordings. The five-year, $15 million project is funded by the IU offices of the president, the provost and the vice president for research.

The MDPI project is now located on the first floor of the Innovation Center on the Bloomington campus. In this space, engineers work to preserve the recordings, which are found in a variety of formats: from open-reel tapes to 78 RPM shellac discs on the audio side, to VHS and Betacam SP for video recordings. Every recording is then digitally preserved in the IU Data Center and made discoverable via the IU Libraries.

“It’s gratifying to know that IU’s massive archive of one-of-a-kind audio and video recordings—many of which are invaluable cultural and historical gems—will be so well preserved for future researchers,” said Mike Casey, MDPI director of technical operations. “As expected, Memnon lives up to its reputation as a world leader in digitization and preservation services. I’m pleased we have extended our contract with them.”

Press Release – Memnon opened its new headquarters in Evere, Brussels

Memnon Archiving Services – a Sony Company – opened its new headquarters in Evere, Brussels, with a new production structure to better serve the future needs for audiovisual archive digitalisation.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in demand for original and historical audiovisual content in the media and in the broadcasting industry, together with the growth of mobile applications, social media and e-learning. Many new ways of leveraging historical content and of engaging audiences with it have recently emerged as it was the case around the Centenary of the First World War.

While these major events are changing the way information and resources are produced, seen and managed, audiovisual heritage is under more threat today than ever. Audiovisual archives and tapes and films deteriorate unavoidably with time, while playback equipment tends to disappear; some historic manufacturers no longer produce it and skills in this area become scarce. Therefore, UNESCO had good reason to declare 27 October the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, to serve as a global reminder of the need to safeguard this aspect of our collective memory.

To respond to these challenges, Memnon Archiving Services (a member of the Sony group) opened on June 15th 2016 its new headquarters with a new production site in Evere, Brussels.

Were speaking at the press conference during the Inauguration Ceremony :

  • Mr Rudi Vervoort, Minister-President of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region,
  • Mr Didier Gosuin, Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for Economy and Employment,
  • Mr Toshihiko Ohnishi, Deputy President of Professional Solutions and Services Group, Imaging Products and Solutions Sector, Sony Corporation,
  • Mr Brad C. Wheeler, Vice-President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, Indiana University (USA), and
  • Mr Michel Merten and Mr Baku Morikuni, co-CEOs Memnon Archiving Services.

Acquired by Sony on 1 July 2015, the Brussels-based company Memnon Archiving Services has become a world leader in the sector, offering digitalisation services both via its facilities in Brussels and the United States (at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana) and as managed services on various client sites, bringing its operations to the customers and passing on its knowledge and expertise to them. Memnon currently exports its services to the United States and the Middle East, but is also exploring new markets such as Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Having been the first tenant of the renovated Flagey building, Memnon has decided to leave Flagey in Ixelles and transfer to a new and completely renovated space in Avenue du Four à Briques in Evere, Bruxelles. The new location is perfect for Memnon to further industrialise the processes for large scale digitalisation of audiovisual archives, in order to meet the needs and quality expectations of organisations that hold precious archives and to meet the company’s growth targets for the coming years.

The acquisition by Sony means that Memnon is already benefitting from Sony’s industrial process and technological expertise. Memnon will move all its operations to its new 1800-m2 headquarters, taking the operations for audiovisual archive processing to a new level.  The capacity for audio and video archive digitalisation will increase considerably, with new digitalisation processes of films implemented, and the company’s Research and Development hub to expand the offering to new services. The new headquarters in Evere become a new showcase for its expertise in large-scale digitalisation.

Over time, this substantial investment will enable Memnon to strengthen its position as a world leader in large-scale audiovisual archive digitalisation, proving the Sony Group’s commitment to our customers in preserving the content often created on Sony equipment and the company’s development in the Brussels region.

Memnon in brief

Founded in Belgium in 1989 as a company offering musical recording and mastering services, it has specialised in archive digitalisation since 2005. Memnon Archiving Services SA (Memnon) is now a world leading service provider for digitalisation, documentation, management, and enhancement of audiovisual heritage.

With more than two million hours of content digitized for hundreds of different projects around the world, Memnon operates its digitization facilities in Brussels, Belgium and Bloomington, United States as well as on-site services at client sites around the world. Jointly with Sony’s Professional Solutions Group, Memnon is represented in Europe, Americas, Middle East (Dubai) and Asia Pacific (Singapore).

Key facts about Memnon

  • More than 2,000,000 hours of digital audiovisual archives
  • More than 100 customers around the world
  • Prestigious clients such as the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the Olympic Committee, INA, BBC, SONUMA, VRT, VIAA, Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique, Télé Suisse Romande, United Nations, Indiana University, European Parliament and many more
  • 90% foreign customers
  • Acquired by SONY in 2015

Archiving Tomorrow 2016, 1st – 3rd June 2016, Royal Irish Academy, Dublin


Archiving Tomorrow is a world conference organised by KES international and supported by FOCAL, FIAT/IFTA, RTÉ, Digital Repository Ireland/Royal Irish Academy and CCAAA.

It gathers professionals and experts around the most important issue facing the audiovisual archive world today: “Saving the endangered Audiovisual Archive heritage of the world before it is too late!”

Our co-CEO, Michel Merten is delivering his “Reflections on the funding of audiovisual preservation projects”. He is looking forward meeting you during the conference!

Meet us at BroadcastAsia2016 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Between May 31rd and June 3rd 2016, our senior representatives are looking forward to meeting you during BroadcastAsia2016, the largest international event for the pro-audio, film and broadcasting industry in Asia.

Baku Morikuni, co-CEO of Memnon, and Kevin Tan, Sony Asia Pacific, will be pleased to share with you the innovative new developments at Memnon and to discuss some of the exciting new projects we are working on.

More importantly, you will find out how our solutions can help you in the field of digitization of audio-visual heritage and media archiving.

Please join them at the Sony stand (Level 5 – 5B4-01)!