Since Memnon’s founding in 2004 an integral part of our business is being a part of the international archiving community and the organizations that bring them together. This tradition continues in 2018 with our support of the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA) and the International Federation of Television Archives (FIAT/IFTA).

Our engagements as sponsors of IASA started in 2006 and with FIAT/IFTA in 2008 and we have proudly supported and participated in every annual world conference since then. Each organization offers us insights and connections within these primary media archive sectors. With IASA’s focus on academic and cultural institutions as well as museums and libraries, we’ve learned from the passionate archivists what they value in digitization services. With FIAT’s strong background in broadcast and professional media, we have seen how this fast-paced world of media can benefit from incorporating their archives into their productions.

Through these global organizations, we have built relationships and now support many of their members around the world. Now, as A Sony Group Company since 2015, Memnon is able to provide the strength of being part of a large group while remaining nimble. We expanded to 4 dedicated facilities (US, Europe, Dubai, Australia) and many onsite client projects around the world. With the help of Sony’s dedicated account and project managers, and also facilities and logistics, Memnon’s projects extend beyond our European roots, with initiatives in nearly all continents and local language and local client support through the local Sony units.

The future of archives is unlimited now that there are more solutions around discoverability and storage. In just a short time, we have seen the progress as the market has moved from just audio and video to high resolution film and uncompressed file formats. Memnon is on the edge of this technology as we develop tools beyond digitization and leverage big data and analytics. Our goal is to help our clients by “Turning Archives into Assets.”

Come see us in this fall in Accra, Ghana for IASA 2018 and in Venice, Italy for FIAT/IFTA 2018 to discuss how we can meet your archive needs and goals with our inclusive digitization solutions.